maandag 10 april 2017

More Italian than The Italian Gang is hard to get!

Five Italian musicians met during their studies at the conservatory.

They all come from different regions of Italy, from the extreme south to the north of this sun-drenched country.

It was therefore inevitable that they they would play together and there arose The Italian Gang!

A guitarist / singer from Rome, a bassplayer from Vicenza, a Napolitan saxophonist, a pianist from Salerno and the musical leader and multi – instrumentalist from Altamura on drums and vocals.

These Italian professional musicians really enjoy playing the repertoire of their youth: timeless , well-known Italian songs they grew up with.

Eros Ramazzotti , Laura Pausini , Riccardo Cocciante ( author of most of the songs of the well-known Dutch singer Marco Borsato ) to the most popular traditional Napolitan songs like l’Americano or Funiculi Funicula …

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